ISS Governance QuickScore Data Verification




Companies within the ISS Governance QuickScore 2.0 coverage universe can review, verify and provide feedback on the data used to determine their scores via a complementary Data Verification tool accessed through ISS Corporate Services' Governance Analytics platform.  Submissions of corrected or updated data factors can be made online through the platform.


Data verification is not available during the period between the filing of a company's proxy statement and the publication of ISS' proxy analysis for the company's annual meeting.


Need a login ID to the free data verification site? Email:


Once you have an ISS data verification login ID, you can access the data verification site to review your company’s data and submit requests to ISS for data changes or updates.


Go to Governance QuickScore Data Verification Site


To verify your company’s data:  Click on the link above --> Enter your user name and password in the upper right of your screen --> Click the Login button --> Click on the Data Verification button on the QuickScore menu ribbon. Get Started Now 


Questions about Data Verification? Email:


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