2013 Draft Policies for Comment

The ISS Global Policy Board invites all financial market participants to provide feedback on the following proposed updates to ISS' benchmark proxy voting guidelines.

To submit a comment, please send via e-mail to policy@issgovernance.com. Please indicate your name and organization for attribution. While ISS will consider all feedback that it receives, comments will not be published without attribution.

All comments received will be published as received, unless otherwise requested in the body of the e-mail submission.

Note: The comment period extended through November 9, 2012, has now closed. ISS would like to thank all of those who submitted comments.

2013 Draft Policies for Comment


Board Response to Majority-Supported Shareholder Proposals (U.S.)

Director Over-boarding (Hong Kong & Singapore)

Board Tenure Exceeding Nine Years (Hong Kong & Singapore)

Board Nominee Disclosure (Global)


Management Say-On-Pay Proposals (U.S.)

Say on Golden Parachute Proposals (U.S.)

Pay for Performance (Canada)

Environmental and Social

Environmental and Social Non-Financial Performance Compensation-Related Proposals (U.S.)

If you have any questions about the draft policies for comment or the comment period, please contact Bimal Patel at policy@issgovernance.com.